Here Is What We Do

Our Step-By-Step Process

Step 1: Identify your concerns for your child and discuss them with your child’s teacher or parents as teachers representative.

Step 2: Call us at 314-306-4643 or email us . We prefer to talk on the phone for the initial consult.

Step 3: In the initial consult, we will discuss evaluations that have taken place and/or if there is a need for an initial evaluation. We will also brainstorm and decide if therapy is needed.  You will be sent a packet of intake forms to fill out.

Step 4: You will be connected with one of our SLPs to find a weekly session time and to discuss your concerns with her.

Step 5: Once therapy is started, we will write goals together and establish a plan to help your child.

Step 6: Your SLP will provide weekly therapy sessions, updates on progress, and ideas for home practice.  She will also be in contact with your child’s teacher with your approval.

Step 7: Throughout the school year, we will attend two meetings free of charge to establish a good relationship with your child’s school and collaborate with your child’s teacher.  We provide yearly written progress notes also.

Our Services

Speech Therapy: This includes articulation, voice, and fluency therapy. For more information please check out the ASHA - American Speech and Hearing Association website. CLICK/PRESS HERE

Receptive and Expressive Language Therapy: This includes work in phonology (sound rules), semantics (meaning of words), morphology (includes grammar rules and word endings), syntax (how sentences are combined for oral and written language), and pragmatics (social use of language). The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) website clearly explains what a language disorder is and defines each area of language.  CLICK/PRESS HERE

We also work with children with ADD/ADHD, executive function weaknesses, dyslexia, auditory processing, and language-based learning disabilities.

Reading Instruction:  Many of our SLPs  are trained in the S.P.I.R.E reading program, a multi-sensory reading intervention program, which is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach. To learn more about S.P.I.R.E please visit the School Speciality website. CLICK/PRESS HERE

Consultations: We provide consultations with parents and teachers. Heather is always willing to brainstorm and collaborate about your child’s struggles in school and help make a plan to remediate those weaknesses.  During the therapy process, our SLPs all collaborate with parents and teachers along the way to help your child meet their academic and social potential.  We never charge for phone consultations.

Evaluations:  We provide complete speech and language evaluations for all ages.  Evaluations take anywhere from one to five hours depending on the areas being tested.  Testing takes place in a quiet space either in the child’s home or school and is usually broken into two  testing  sessions if more than an hour is  needed.  Areas of  testing include: articulation, expressive language, receptive language, and literacy-based language disorders.

Screenings:  Speech and language screenings are also available upon request.  These screenings are short and will give an indication if further speech and/or language testing is recommended. Screenings can be completed at the child’s school or home.

If you have a question not covered then please
call us at: 314-306-4643
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What Clients Are Saying

“Katherine is an amazing therapist; she not only helped my son with his speech but also with his patience and listening skills. Being able to have a conversation with him and understand almost everything he is communicating is priceless, and it has helped him become a more confident little man. I can attribute that to the work Katherine has done with him; she was able to bring out his personality.”

Mother of 4-yr-old boy